We are Chelmsford Vineyard.

Like many organisations we are being impacted by Covid 19. Unlike many organisations we are not defined by a venue, a building, a time or a place. So we are very much open and alive – loving God and loving those around us, and we are ready to help if you are in need. We want to continue to celebrate community, even if we are socially distant. We are God’s resource for people in need, and a refuge for those in isolation… connecting people in difficult times so that no-one feels alone.

Below you can find information and the means to seek help and support. Please do connect with us!

Stay Connected!

Please like our Facebook Page! It makes us feel wanted, but is also our main outlet for information.  Our Instagram @chelmsfordvineyard has regular updates too.

If you don’t have Facebook, then subscribe to our YouTube Channel! We’re posting regular video casts on all sorts of things. Well… Libby is!

If you’re not already signed up to ChurchSuite, you can do that here. It’s our internal Comms Hub. Sounds posh!

To relive the good ol’ days, tune in to our Sound Cloud Channel! It has all the sermons from back when we all met in the same place.

If you need anything else then please fill out a contact form, and we’ll be back to you super fast!

Self Isolating?

We recognise that this is a serious public health crisis. So firstly, here is the link to the NHS advice page for those needing to stay in isolation.

If you feel unwell and need to check your symptoms, there is an online service here.

If you need help with absolutely anything from food collection to posting mail, or even just a friendly chat over the phone… fill in our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.

Family Resources

For teenagers check out Instagram @chelmsfordvineyardyouth

Our Vineyard Kids team will release a family challenge every Saturday at 10am check out our Facebook or YouTube Channel.

Whilst schools are closed, here are some ideas for family activities in the home!

It’s not specifically Christian, but it’s the Scouts Association… so Bear Grylls is aaaall over it. Here’s their “Great Indoors” ideas for lockdown lols.

The Children’s Society have a fantastic resource for helping young people through difficult times.

Illustrated Ministry have art resources for relaxing hours of colouring in.

GodVenture has some fun spring activities for exploring faith at home.

The Diocese of Blackburn make Podlets… Podcasts for little people. Tune in!

Sally Lloyd-Jones has some home resource ideas here.

Let us know if you come across any great resources and we’ll add them here.

Going Stir Crazy??

If you usually hit the gym, book the cinema or do lunch.. and you’re feeling in need of some things to fill your time, then we’ll be posting some most excellent books/podcasts/films that we would recommend. Tune in and watch the time whizz by!

First up is a book that some of our small groups have been working through. It’s Pete Grieg’s book on prayer. It accompanies a set of videos on YouTube, so if you don’t want to buy the book, then work through the video course instead!

Do you love a Film full of Faith? Who doesn’t! If you have a Netflix account then here’s a link to the ten best Christian films you can stream right now. Hopefully the shops aren’t out of popcorn!!

Feeling like you need a bit of exercise? Healthista have a 30 day Home Workout Challenge for you. Dig out your yoga pants and press play!

If you’re home schooling, or just want the kids to learn while they play, The Independent has a list of the best Apps for kids on lockdown. Some of them look so good I reckon the adults might learn a thing or two as well!

If you want to find out more about Jesus… why we love him, why we follow him, the reason that he lived and died and lives… then take a look at “Why Jesus”. Then get in touch, we would love to introduce you to him!