Chelmsford Vineyard was planted out of Rayleigh Vineyard in May 2010 by Graham & Libby Woodward, soon joined by Russ & Pippa McLean from Southend Vineyard. Together they lead the church here at Chelmsford Vineyard.


We met on a ski slope in Switzerland in 2000 but it took a further seven years for us to get together as a couple! Graham has lived in the Chelmsford area for most of his life. He spends his days running the family business and being the calm one in our family! Libby was new to Essex in 2007 having grown up in the Midlands. She spent three years studying theology at the University of Nottingham before working in a school and then as an Assistant Pastor at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham.

Our love for skiing ensured that Libby bumped into Graham on various occasions in the mountains and eventually we got married in December 2007. Since then Libby has done some secondary school work and has had three children. We got involved at Rayleigh Vineyard (2009) and God started to speak to us about planting a Vineyard in Chelmsford. Church planting was always something that excited Libby and through God speaking to Graham about it too – we began the adventure here in Chelmsford shortly after! We love Jesus and love people so church planting makes sense!


We met in 1989 when Russ moved to East London for a gap year working in a church led by Pip’s parents. The gap year became somewhat extended and we married along the way.

In 1998 we moved to Southend-on-Sea and soon got stuck into life & ministry at Southend Vineyard where we stayed for 13 fantastic years – enjoying serving in kids’ ministry, worship leading and running small groups, whilst starting a family & raising three gorgeous kids.

About midway through our time in Southend, God began speaking to us about church planting & one day moving to Chelmsford.

We moved to plant Chelmsford Vineyard with Libby and Graham in the Summer of 2011, and are loving the adventure of this growing church! Alongside doing church, Russ works as a Fundraising Manager for a London Housing Charity, and Pip is a teacher in a local school.


God has called us to be a growing community of people who love Jesus, love the Bible and through the power of the Holy Spirit seek to see His Kingdom extended here in Chelmsford.

In creative and accessible ways we want to worship God with our whole lives as we make, train and equip disciples, train up leaders, serve those with less than ourselves and plant new churches as we live out the hope that captivates us.

Love Jesus, Love People, GO!